About Us

About Us


                      We have 24 years experience and we have completed nearly 90000 sq.ft area in 55 Residential Houses, in and around Chennai. High quality of construction, fulfilling the aspirations of our clients, is our motto. Construction is undertaken after carrying out soil testing/water testing and with architect’s structural drawings using latest designs. We engage skilled labourers for construction at our sites.

                  Our constructions have our own aesthetic Designs & Drawings with Stylish elevation. Discussions on construction are made with our own Drawings to meet Client’s specific requirements. Only after client is satisfied with the drawing, Detailed Estimation is provided to the client to suite their budget . 


                     With our 26 years of experience and rich knowledge of this domain, we offer a wide range of formworks and associated accessories. Our range includes Wall Shuttering, Column Shuttering, Beam Shuttering, Slab Centring, besides Dome Slab formwork and Spiral Staircase. These jobs are done acccurately with efficiency and effectiveness without bend or bulge. We are also specialized in Beam Form Side Iron Sheets (Sizes 9”, 12”, 13.5”, 16.5”, 18”,19.5”. 24”).


We are offering other Civil engineering services needs of clients at reasonable rates with high quality. Carpentry Interior, Painting, Renovation jobs etc., will also be undertaken.