Our Constructed Methods.

Our Constructed Methods.

Foundation Location Marking.

Foundation Location Marking.

Earth excavation work 5'0" Breadth x 6'0" Depth / Till Hard soil will appear.

After the excavation work is complete , digging  the earth by manually minimum 1'0" Depth for easy foundation settlement.

Proper water level will be maintained in the earth pit.

Before  PCC  ( Plain cement concrete ) , Minimum 4" inch Depth River sand / Quary dust must be filled in the earth pit for Foundation cushioning Purpose.

4" Inch Thick PCC ( plain cement concrete ) in the earth pit ,  PCC is done so as to provide base for foundation to avoid direct contact of foundation with soil. PCC is done so as to provide a strong & stable base for foundation, it also provides a flat base for upcoming foundation rather than undulated base.

Foundation Floor Mat Boundary , Raft Beam Location & Column Location Marking.

When beginning a construction project, it is important to take great care in properly setting up the foundation. The success of the project, whether it is a large Building or small Building , relies heavily on the care and effort that has been put into the site preparation.

Heirloom Foundation Bar bending Work On site.

Floor Mat.

Raft Beam 3' H x 2' B.

Strip Double Mat And Raft Beam.

Column Erection.

Basement Bar bending Work Top View.

Foundation RCC Form Work Before Concrete.

Foundation OPC M 20 RCC.

Foundation Form Work Removing.

Foundation Water Curing For Minimum 10 Days.

Proper Covering Concrete Surfaces With Gunny Bags for Curing Purpose.

Column Box Fixing on 15 Day after the beam Concrete.

Top View.

RCC Column 18" x 18"

Column Curing.


Minimum 75 Hackings for Column RCC After 15 -days Is Effective Bonding in Concrete to Brick work.

Basement Brick Work.

Car parking Basement.

Car parking Basement Top View.

Before Soil filling.

Car Parking Basement Ready to Soil Filling.

Basement PCC M12.5

Basement PCC Flooring.

Ground Floor Basement  Consolidation & Tie Beam Curing.


Ground Floor Basement Steps Curing.

Basement Top View.

Ground Floor Basement Before PCC Flooring.

 Car Parking Basement 5 foot height again 4.5 Feet Height For Ground Floor .

Total Basement Height 9.5 Feet.








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